The Talker

She’s falling again, poor girl,

Look at that—someone help her,

Me? Why I couldn’t possibly,

Now, don’t look at me with those eyes,

It’s her own fault,

Head in the clouds and eyes in the back of—

Oh, you get the point,

Just look, she’s still there,

Surely, she can swim, the water isn’t very deep,

She can run out whenever she pleases,

Look at that fool, sinking deeper,

That face, my, what a sad face,

Really, someone give her a hand,

Oh, just look at those waves, dear!

Yes, those—blue and true,

Black in the darkness, haunting in the twilight,

What a mysterious place! The sea is truly—

Oh my, where’s that girl gone?

Did you see her, dear?

Has she finally run out?

I certainly hope so,

Just look at that monstrous wave,

Such a little thing and with no helping hands—

She wouldn’t be able to handle it.


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