Three Line Tales

First time trying Three Line Tales out, seems fun.

Painted Hands

© Nicholas Rinth

Adornments on my hands and ink on my skin—mementoes of a life I like to say I’ve lived.

It’s been one hell of a ride, filled with hardships and impulses and new beginnings where I’ve met brothers of an entirely different kind. They’ve been good to me, as loyal as the colors lining my callouses; and in the end, well, fuck what people think—life is good, life is short, and when I’m old and gray and my memory fails, I’ll keep a painted scar to remind me of where I’ve been.

14 thoughts on “Three Line Tales

  1. Great tale. Love the voice – comes through very strong, very individual. Nicely done. I wrote about bikers too – wonder how many they’ll be in this weeks stories. Quite a lot, I’m guessing 🙂


    1. I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy lately, and couldn’t help myself. I’m glad you liked it! And yea, I’m thinking a loooot. I’m looking forward to binge reading them all on the weekend. 🙂

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      1. Seen Sons of Anarchy trailered but not caught the programme – I do like Ron Perlman, though. Some great stories this week, as usual. Sonya does give us some brilliant photos to work from 🙂


    1. I completely agree. Though it was my first time trying it out, I hope to be able to fix up my sentences more to make them shorter. The final sentence is a run-on mess!

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