Indifferent – Three Line Tales


Second time trying this out. Hope to start doing this every week from now on.

Look at them—those concrete squares filled with different people, young and old, experienced and not—they move about their lives, unaware, and perhaps even uncaring for the rest that linger beside them.

Worlds are created in those apartments, they’re brought up, ever so slowly; some are turned into something that could be called home, while others are mere cases for the rolling stones within—and me… well, here I stand, I stare, and I look up at the starless sky drowned out by electronic lights, I listen to the silence drowned out by incoherent noise, and I bask in it all; no one notices me here, nor do I want to be seen.

This is my world, and here, I don’t much care about them either.


14 thoughts on “Indifferent – Three Line Tales

  1. What a great impression of a story – a wonderful feeling of being in a nad part of a city and enjoying, revelling in the anonymity it gives you. You can do or be anything. Great stuff


  2. the clean lines and uniformity seem to influence your words and the tone it carries, a feeling of being hidden but not lost in a big city…thats how it speaks to me…well done.

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