Fade To Black – Three Line Tales Prompt

Three Line Tales W34

A city of life and splendor, of wonders and riches—filled with people blurring past, all too lost in the moment, slaves working for a better future; or so they tell themselves.

And here I sit, bereft, as I look at the echoes of my past in the form of chipped paint, old cars, and black gumdrop stains, with the realization that soon, even these will be gone from me.

Life’s too fast, my legs can’t keep up anymore, so here I’ll stop, here I’ll rest… observing, waiting, hoping for someone to cross that eight-step street and reminisce with me of a time when jukeboxes still sang and telephones could spin—please… I could use a friend, one that understands, one that remembers.

8 thoughts on “Fade To Black – Three Line Tales Prompt

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’ll try my best, but life gets in the way most days. Thank heavens for Sonya and her 3LT Prompts though, it reminds me to keep posting. 🙂

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  1. I’m not sure if you intended this part about “black gumdrop stains” to take me back to childhood, and nostalgia for innocence of childhood, but this is beautiful!


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