Phantasm (Three Line Tales)

3LT Week 35

Check the link above for the prompt image.

Oh my, look, dear—no, not there, the other way—yes, that one, oh, what do you mean you can’t see it… look, it’s clear as day, that white little thing, that albino pretending to blend in with the crowd, pretending like the others don’t notice how different she is, why she’s obviously meant for so much more; just imagine the kind of tourists such a beautiful creature would bring if she were kept in a zoo or some wildlife preserve or… something of the sort!

What do you mean you still can’t see it—it’s because you’re not looking properly, there, under the setting sun—look, she’s so beautiful, such perfect white…oh my, oh, wherever did she wander off to, you must’ve scared her, love; you really shouldn’t drag your feet.

And for the billionth time, yes, I’ve taken my medication, I’m quite timely with those things, you kno—oh, what do you mean I haven’t taken it, how dare you even suggest such a ludicrous thing, why, I’ll bet my morning coffee that you’re just jealous you didn’t get to see that wonderfully colored deer… yes, love, I know we’re in the city, I can see the skyline quite clearly you know—I’m not delusional.

3 thoughts on “Phantasm (Three Line Tales)

    1. Wow. I honestly didn’t even think of that while writing this, but as I reread it, yes, I can see how you got to that conclusion. I was simply trying to convey that the picture was a part of her imagination. Nothing more, everything less — but I have to admit, I like your interpretation of my work a lot better haha. Thank you for stopping by!


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