Here’s to our memory, not forgotten,

Feelings gone cold, but never rotten.

Here’s to the almosts and what ifs,

The moments that stay, and those that drift.


Here’s to thoughts and things unsaid,

Feelings unexpressed and left for dead.

Here’s to the words that come out wrong,

Muttered angrily, or uttered strong.


Here’s to all the stolen glances,

Just admiring eyes and wasted chances.

Here’s to forming ties and fates attracted,

Talks thought out, but never acted.


Here’s to bravery and daring plans,

Quivering lips, calmed by fearsome hands.

Here’s to impulse upon attraction,

Unhindered by doubt or distraction.


Here’s to compliments and contradictions,

Broken wills with fixed convictions.

Here’s to indecisiveness and second thoughts,

Decisions turned into tongue-tied knots.


Here’s to tomorrow and yesterday,

For the ones that fade, and the ones that stay.

And lastly, here’s to you,

Someone I once sought—perhaps still do.


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