Open Your Eyes (Three Line Tales)

3LT Week 37

It’s beautiful, truly it is, it’s everything I could have wanted in a wedding—outdoors, the wind in my hair and the sun lighting my skin, and yet, I find myself hollow, yearning for something I don’t quite know… can you help me, love?

I want you to speak to me of a time when our laughter bellowed across distances, when we weren’t afraid of getting our new shoes dirty in the blades of grass, when we were just kids hanging around the local 711 with no money and a pack of stale fries between us, and the clerk would eye us disapprovingly as we lingered a little too long in the alcohol section; remind me of a time when I could sit on that swing without fear of getting my clothes stained and you’d just… push.

“Dear, we’re older, we’re wiser, we can legally drink, we have jobs and money and expensive shoes—‘Yes, I know that, but I want to remember, so please just’—I don’t understand why I need to remind you, my dear… why can’t that time be now?”

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