Well, after my brother’s constant urging to create one and “get with the times”—honestly, I’m rather resistant to most social media—I decided to just go for it. For the sake of writing exposure, I told myself. So, my Instagram will mostly feature snippets from my writing that others can already find up here. Perhaps I’ll include snippets from my book as well, when it’s available. But nothing that won’t be cross-posted into something longer here on WordPress. (Really, I prefer this site for posting well… anything.)

I’m sure it’ll have some miscellaneous pictures that I find interesting in the future. But at the moment, I don’t quite know what I want to put up, other than writing. My profile is there, however, and it’s available. Expect lots of bunnies. I like those.

You can find my profile here: @nicholasrinth

Feel free to link your own down below. I’d love to get in touch.


9 thoughts on “Instagram

        1. hoho, I really like what you do with your quotes. I’m trying to find a niche as it is, but currently I’m sticking with black or white backgrounds. I hope to find something I like soon though.

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