1,000 Cranes Wish Theory

Hello, everyone!

For those that were around when I first started this blog, I mentioned that I’d be making one thousand cranes. Well, as it turns out, I reached my goal some time ago! I just hadn’t counted and, like a robot, I kept on making them. I’ve only had one wish during the entire endeavor and have repeated it like a mantra every single day. Personal as it is, however, I can’t quite put the full details here. I’ll die of embarrassment, but yes, it’s heart-related. Sue me. I could really use a wish in that department. Anyway, since nothing’s happened and hasn’t for about a month and a half now, then I’m afraid to say that there’s no truth behind this–despite how nice it is. (All that paper I wasted. Wow. The TREES.) I advise against wasting your effort, unless you’re bored, then this is a really great time-waster. Great way to keep your hands busy.

Perhaps my wish will come true in the future? I certainly can’t say. I hope the crane gods–if they happen to be somewhere, scrutinizing my cranes with judgmental eyes–had a more human understanding of time. But then they wouldn’t be gods now would they? Or maybe they aren’t gods. Maybe they’re just another random deity, borrowing miracle bombs from something bigger than them. Or perhaps  they don’t exist at all. Really, I don’t know. If any of you happen to find out, then I’m here. And very curious.

This update is getting quite long now, so I’ll end it with the actual point of this post, you know… before all my rambling began–I hope things go my way soon.


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6 thoughts on “1,000 Cranes Wish Theory

  1. Congratulations! 1000 cranes is a huge accomplishment, the only origami I can make is the fan and even that’s tough for me! 😛

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