Open Letter #24


When the world is still and silence lingers, I wonder if you think of me, if I even grace your thoughts. I envy the ones that do. Because your attention has the power to make or break my day.

I hate that.

—N. Rinth


9 thoughts on “Open Letter #24

  1. HI Nic, Learning how to get comfortable writing a blog. I am limping along in a sorry state. Found your writing, and the hope of 1000 cranes being folded bringing you your hearts’ desire really resonated with me. I started cruising through your past posts and learned so much. Appreciate your words and wit. Did you ever think that maybe your desire will be filled, just not in the way you expected? Look sideways at things as they happen, to get a new perspective. Sometimes, though not always, it does help.

    And, as a thank you for putting in the work on this blog so I can benefit, I will make origami hearts ( the crane is way out of my league ) and send you good thoughts and wishes for your hopes to come to life. And that you have a good day, even if it is not with the one who you miss. I mean, now you get to be in the good thoughts of total strangers, yeah? Whoo?


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    1. Hey Mikey,

      Well now, I suppose I’ll start with thank you. For your words, your advice, the origami hearts (please do show me a picture via email or when you settle down with your own blog if you get the chance. Strangely, the crane is all I know how to fold. I cant even fold planes) and for visiting my blog, of course. It’s still somewhat new and some parts are empty, but it makes me happy to know my words have reached you in one way or another.

      I’ve looked sideways many times. Up and down and over the bend, too. Still, it remains the same — I’ll content myself with friendship I suppose. Time does heal things, after all. Though not as quickly as I’d like. But your closing brightened my midnight darkened room a bit. Its nice to know people think and care and can be kind to strangers online — again, thank you.

      And yes, WHOO!

      Nic 😀

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  2. Wow! I feel this way on daily and nightly basis, so eloquently put. Constantly wonder if I enter the mind as the person stomps around in mine.


    1. Ah, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The heart and mind are really fickle things, always so ready to stab us in the back when we aren’t paying attention.

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