Shameless Self-Advertisement

Well, I’ve done some minor redecorating on the blog, particularly moving a few things from the main menu and revamping the sidebar with some different content. But the biggest and most important difference is, unarguably, the social menu on top of the Inspiration Corner. I’ve recently made accounts on most social media platforms in an effort to expand my writing platform.

I’d be really glad if any of you could check them out, linger, and maybe even follow if what I’ve posted there suits your fancy. I’ll return the favor, I assure you. I could use associates on these sites. And I’ll happily check out any links you guys leave in the comments for me. Spread the writing love! Or growth!—you get it.

Have some tips for me? Those are welcome, too. I could use ’em. Reblogs? It would be nice, but certainly not a necessity. Otherwise, just thank you for your time. 😀

Instagram: @nicholasrinth or

Twitter: @NicholasRinth or



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