Perfect Illusion

Well, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting recently. I’ve been very active on Instagram, creating quotes and nice imagery and things like that. Just small snippets that I can’t cross post here. If you guys would like to see them then my username is: @nicholasrinth or you can just find my social media links above the site’s footer.

This poem, however, is something I’m able to crosspost. Since its nice and long and terribly wordy. I hope you all enjoy it. I promise to be more active again as soon as this month is over. Life is taking far too much of my time. If only I could command her to give me some space. That would be perfect.


Time and talk and chances missed,

Splayed locks and a lingering kiss,

I can hear them, you know—those risks, cold and dead,

Filled with thoughts and feelings left unsaid,


They taste of memories and ink,

Of days gone to waste in just one blink,

Ghosts haunting me, cold and piercing,

Smiling passionately, painful and much too fleeting,


I miss that smile on my face,

When you were there to make my heart race,

I dream of your callousness wrapped before affection,

Of your flawed hands—my absolute perfection,


But as the days grow cold and Winter blooms,

Even my fantasies grow tired, and I’m sure my regret will, too,

My mind will soon be overburdened and heavy,

My lips frozen cold, still unable to speak with liberty,


Because I’m a coward when my heart’s at stake,

Self-mute, stubborn, and always a little too late,

That’s why I sit here with my memories, idle and blue,

Lost in yesterday, where I’m still with you.


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