Random Stanza Collection

A collection of stanzas with neither order, nor meaning to them. I used them for some of my old stories, but that’s about it. I don’t really plan on making anything more out of them. Some of you might find them interesting though. That’s why I decided to post it.

The Conclusion, The Windup, The End,

Final breaths, blank steps, useless mends,

Heaven forsakes you now—but please open your eyes,

I’m still here, waiting for your cries.

I know of a place,

Somewhere between dream and awake,

You linger there now, but I’ll drag you away,

With fingers of ashen gray,

Don’t resist—I’ll seize your hands,

Because I miss you, understand?

We’re the chosen, we’re the choice,

We’re the darkness, granted voice,

But my eyes are open now—I can see,

My light is shining, it’s calling out to me.

Fate offered her blessing,

Serendipity brought us together,

Coincidence gave us a push,

And the rest, well, that’s entirely up to us.

Fate plays games of sorrow,

Luck loves to stab,

Death awaits with surprise,

But together with you, my dear,

It all seems a bit more bearable.

You’re mine,

That alone makes you a wonder,

And if anyone tells you otherwise,

Come to me,

I will set them aflame.


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