When Words Are Born

Memories are such cruel and stabbing things.

They’re good for a time, but when life gets a little rough, they have no qualms about haunting you, making you feel inexplicably lonely, gifting you with sadness beyond reason—and what then? What happens after? You fall in a downward spiral into the past where grief lingers and the flickers of someone that was once you dwells, mocking.

Then you realize their burden.

And, once again, you’re left searching for light.


10 thoughts on “When Words Are Born

    1. I find that the worst memories linger in the back of my mind whenever I’m not occupied. They don’t quite leave, and for some odd reason the happier memories I’ve had are the ones that attack me when I’m low, dragging me just a bit deeper. But I think thats because I’m speaking of something unrequited, so even happy memories can become a burden. Things hurt, but I’ll live — we’ll live. I hope your bad memories don’t make you fall too hard. There are ups in down swings, too.

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      1. I never considered that happy memories could become burdens but I suppose that is true especially if they are memories of what has been and cannot be anymore. This is something I am experiencing right now as I am remembering happier more innocent times. I hope you memories become lighter.

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        1. Same to you. They usually do, my mood swings are just terrible 😂 Here’s to both our minds easing up and showing a little mercy, yea? 🍻 There’s release in writing.

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  1. my happy memories are the ones which i cherish but, here i am i do feel low about thinking that they have become memories why aren’t those times still in present? why do good memories become a stagger in heart and soul when we feel low?


    1. Hey. Saw your email, great to meet you, too.

      You have a more optimistic mindset than myself then. Though the reason I feel sad about them isn’t because they’ve become memories and they’re no longer here, more on the fact that truths were present in those memories, and I decided to ignore them for preference of my own perspective/desires. And when I reflect, I see those truths now. Well… something like that anyway. Explaining my reasoning is difficult in the morning when I haven’t had my coffee.

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