Holiday Check-In

Let me start this off by saying, Happy Holidays, everyone! I won’t be posting on Christmas day or New Year’s to wish you all well. I will be responding to comments and reading posts after I shake myself awake though. Also, emails. I reply to emails. Messy inboxes bother me.

Anywho, it’s been a shit year, but at least I’m still alive and kicking. Sort of. I mean, sure, I’m a little bruised and battered and entirely not ready for things like new presidents or Christmas hangovers, but heeey, time stops for no one. (That crook.) Especially not mere mortals—if any of you happen to know how to reach some kind of incorporeal plane without the use of drugs or convoluted ploys involving cults and death, then I’m here and very curious.

2016, for me, has been quiet for the most part. College, some writing, too much coffee, more college. Quite bland, really. Though I did make this blog back in August, so I suppose there’s that. I’ve also gotten out of my batcave and went off and created things! Things like social media accounts! (*claps for myself*) I know, I know, the internet isn’t safe. Don’t worry. I visited my mom’s house and made sure to brush up on all of the rules:

  1. Don’t accept candy from strangers. (Only if they have a cute pet you can take a selfie with.)
  2. Ice cream trucks don’t make house calls.
  3. Know you address, but don’t randomly tell other people. (Same for your SS)
  4. Don’t talk to strangers that have R18 avatars.
  5. Honesty is for chumps.

See? I got it.

To end this, I just want to say thank you to all those that have supported my work thus far! I really appreciate it. I plan to have my first fantasy book available for preorder in April 2017. Exciting news, if I wasn’t struggling over trying to write a hundred words of the second manuscript. But progress is progress. And I hope you all look forward to it next year.

Frankly, I’m beyond ready for this year to be over. I’m tired of Christmas songs.

I’m also active on these accounts:

IG | Twitter | Tumblr


9 thoughts on “Holiday Check-In

  1. Congratulations on the social media accounts and the soon-to-be-released book! Have a very merry Christmas and happy new year, I wish you the best.

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  2. As you said, progress is progress. Moving forward, even for only an inch or so, is better than standing still. Congratulations on exiting the Batcave and on joining the social media cult. I’m proud of you 🙂

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