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According to Google (bless them), the word idle means: time spent doing nothing; without purpose or effect.

A few readers have messaged me on the origin of my site’s name, “Scrawls of an Idle Mind,” and well let’s put those messages to rest, shall we? It’s rather tiring to repeatedly explain—maybe I should add it to my about page? I’ll think about it.

The title came to me while listening to Noel Gallagher’s, “Idler’s Dream”, and watching what was probably every interview he had on the internet soon after. In one of the interviews he says something along the lines of, “I’m always idle.” That line stuck with me. Couple my obsession with the man’s tunes with a total Oasis/NGHFB binge for the next eight hours and I just needed to have the word Idle in my title. It wasn’t even an option anymore. The word described—everything so well. The way I’d sit in front of my screen for days on end, sometimes doing little more than listening to music and reading random articles online.

‘Scrawls’ and ‘Mind’, I believe are obvious since this is a writing blog. And my Home page already speaks about how this site is a peek into my head, so… there you have it! I got one word I wanted, stuck in a few nicer sounding ones, and now I have this slapped together title. I’m quite proud of it, really.

It describes my content well.


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