Random IG Things

No particular reason for these. I just had a lot of them and it seemed like such a waste to not share my favorites here. I’ll probably make a compilation post like this every month or so. When I feel particularly bored.

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When the world is cold,

and the nights are lonely,

I sit. I drink. I write.

And I become my own best friend.

The sun shines light over the haze,

Tearing me away from the dark,

And the shadow of my friend,

Who I can’t will back to this plane.

There’s something about the ways he said my name.

Groggy, breathless, and entirely too drawn out.

It made me feel as though everyone had been saying it wrong my entire life.

I miss myself sometimes.

The version that loved you.

He seemed much kinder.

The path toward you is unforgiving,

Oh, but the path away is so much worse.

My confidence is my own.

I won’t let your leaving take that away from me.

Not again.

When we’re together, things become undefinable.

I loved that. Once.

Now, I’m only tired of it.

My composure cracks, and then it shatters.

Revealing talent and insanity,

As banal as the rest of me.

Smiles fade.

Happiness, too.

And even pain.

So, I wonder when our memories will as well.

I’m tired of missing you.

Finding a reason to laugh

Should never be this fucking hard.


2 thoughts on “Random IG Things

  1. think this a great way to journal our feelings – we don’t do that often enough Nicholas, we journal our thoughts and actions but seldom our feelings – well that’s how i see this lovely writing of yours here.


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