Random IG Things #2

You’ve guessed it. I’m bored. (Read: procrastinating) So, here’s Random IG Compilation Post Edition Two! Longer and better. I’ve finally got this whole lesser words, bigger impact thing down. Though I still do love to keep my words simple, as you all can probably see.

It’s not fully updated, since I’ll be honest, this is a scheduled post. (*cue how-dare-you gasp*) but yea. I typed it when I was bored some weeks ago, and filed it during a week when I had no posts set to be put out.

I’m rambling. Onwards.

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I feel like I don’t belong here now

But my ruined tongue doesn’t know the way home.

The words in my throat keep bending,

And I’m so tired of trying to speak,

I feel like I’m going to waste a lot of ink tonight.

It was all in my head

I should’ve known

The best things are

A day without melodies and deafening silence,

Reminds me of the ghosts of my past,

Quick to offer love, quicker to pull it away.

Remember me as I was, ecstatic and new,

Not the fucking wreck that’s donned my skin and painted me blue.

It’s so hard trying to experience something

When all I can do is with you were here

To experience it, too

The path towards you is unforgiving,

Oh, but the path away is so much worse.

You keep making sense of all these twisted things

And then turning away

But I don’t need you to fix my world

Just stay in it a while longer.

Upturned lips and crinkled eyes

Echoes of bliss and warm goodbyes

So, how good am I hiding this?

The sun shines light over the haze,

Tearing me away from the dark

And the shadows of my friend

Who I can’t will back to this plane.

A slave to this future that I need.

I miss myself sometimes.

The version that loved you.

He seemed much kinder.

Well, as long as you’re happy,

I don’t really care what happens.

Let’s forget about this world for a while.


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