New Networks + Book Shipping

I am now officially on goodreads and amazon. I will be hosting giveaways for free, signed paperback versions of my book on goodreads for the next few months, so it would be great to connect with all of you there!

Links are below:



*These are also now part of the social media menu further down.

Lastly, I know the hardcopy of my book on Amazon says it takes 1 to 2 months to ship, but thats simply not true… as long as you have Prime. I don’t know whats going on with stock, since I use a POD service and there isn’t supposed to be a problem, but I’m currently trying to get the issue resolved.

I tried ordering my own book on Amazon and got a notification of arrival for May 9 to June 14 on my receipt, but then after a few hours, it was changed to April 20. I did this again using my brother’s account on Amazon, and the same thing happened except ETA was April 21. (We both have Prime, so I dont know how it might work with an Amazon account without it) But it seems it only initially says theres a long wait, then it gets properly fixed after a bit. Hopefully it doesnt put off sales.

I’ve emailed both Amazon and Ingram about it already, and hope to have the words there cleared soon.


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