Book Formatting


I decided to start doing this because well… I’m damn good at it. I’ll format your print or ebook according to the specifications of whatever company you decide to use. I have experience on both Amazon (Kindle and Createspace) and Ingram, but so long as you give me the right details, then I’ll be able to do any other distributor. If you also have your cover pictures and blurb and whatnot, I can format your cover for you, too.

Know that I will NOT be copy-editing your book for you. That is not the job of a formatter. But if I do happen to see a typo during formatting, then I’ll let you know. Though please be aware that formatting should be done at the final stage once the manuscript has been looked over, edited, and finalized because changing words may result in moved dashes—especially for print copies.

Why does that matter?

When a print book’s text is justified not all lines will be the same length. This is a huge problem with indie authors. I’ve seen many print books without justified text, and when they do have it, the word alignments aren’t straight because they didn’t think to add dashes at the end of paragraphs or between words to make sure the alignment was even. So, basically what I’ll do is make your manuscript look as professional as possible.

I’ll go through your manuscript page by page, correcting lines, evening them out, and making sure headers and footers are where you want them to be. I’ll also format the title page, blank pages (making sure headers/footers are disconnected), copyright page, dedication, etc., according to the proper specifications needed by your distributor.



3 thoughts on “Book Formatting

    1. It always helps to have someone able to do all the technical bits. 🙂 When I first started, and I was trying to figure out how to fit my manuscript and cover according to IngramSpark and Kindle Beta’s specifications, it took me almost three weeks just to get my documents prepared — and even then, I had to reupload newly formatted versions twice. Now that I know what to do now and what kind of style I’m going for it never takes me more than a night to get everything the way I want. Hopefully, I can help beginning authors out this way… as well as make some extra cash to pay off my college books 🙂


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