Any Authors Out There?

If there are any authors reading this, then could you please link copies of your books down in the comments. I’m searching for a fair few to read during my scant two weeks off from school. I prefer epic fantasy, but I’m open to other things as well. The only thing I’m not into is YA urban fantasy romances that involve werewolves, vampires, and the like. I do adore romance stories, however, so as long as it doesn’t involve those, then throw ’em my way.

I prefer books I can order hard copies of. But if you only have ebook versions, then those are fine as well. If I do decide to buy your book, I’ll review it of course. Indie authors could always use the extra reviews—I would know. The review will be posted across all of my social media accounts.

Thanks in advance!

(*If your book is part of a series, please only post a link to the first one.)


2 thoughts on “Any Authors Out There?

  1. Why not? I’ll play.

    I’m an indie author with two series. Rise of the Mages is an epic fantasy, and the second book in the series will be launched on 8/17.

    You can find it here:

    Repulsive is the first book of a superhero trilogy. I’m expecting the second and third books to be finished early next year.

    You can find it here:




    1. Hey, Brian! You’re the first that actually commented here, everyone else decided to send private emails, hahaha. I had wanted them to comment instead, so others could see their books, but it seems that’s not to be. Thank you, and I’ll be sure to check these out 🙂


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