Blog and Writing Update

I’ve just realized that my site has had an awful lack of poems recently. I will do my best to upload more along with my usual scrawls. Expect more of the latter though—that is the title of my blog after all, haha. If you want to read more of them, then I have a LOT more on my Instagram.

I’m a lot more active there, and I’m sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with everyone here on WordPress recently. I have so many accounts and so little time. Rest assured, most posts do get cross posted, so you guys aren’t really missing much… unless you count my sparkling commentary. 🙂

Anywho, regarding my Open Letters, I’ve received quite a bit of messages on IG, FB, and Twitter asking about them, and I’m sorry to say that I haven’t written any as of late, but I’ll be sure to update my blog as soon as I do. These are posted only on wordpress because they’re too long for any of my other social media accounts, so as long as you follow me here or pop in every now and again, then you should find them.

I have a few brewing within me. I can feel it. But taking the words to paper is harder than it seems. I’ll work on motivating myself.

Until then.

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4 thoughts on “Blog and Writing Update

  1. Do you have your Instagram connected to your WP? Where it streams on your website? I haven’t seen it (though I tend to miss these things) and it might be good to add a stream 🙂 You’re doing good, Nic! We are all still here.


    1. Yup! It’s on my footer 🙂 I just added it recently. I also use a third party app that allows me to auto post pictures here if I use a certain tag. But I very rarely do that. For space reasons mostly.


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