Introductory letter by Nicholas Rinth 

A short guest post I did for a blogger that I recently found 🙂 Check him out. He’s friendly.

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

Hello Friends,

Now, you don’t know me and I’m sure you’ve been told more than a few times never to talk to strangers, but this is the internet—where comments from the unfamiliar are routine and pseudonyms are no more worth noting than an errant twist of string on the carpet—more importantly, this is David’s blog, and from what I gather from the title of it, it’s a place for friends.

So, for the duration of this post, I hope that that’s what you think of me. Truthfully, I’ve only just found this cozy haven, but I’m oh, so glad that I did. His posts have given me something nice to occupy my time with—at least for tonight. My thoughts tend to take darker turns when the sun sets, and his words have brought a burst of positivity and new rhythm to an otherwise stale hour. I’ve never been fond of…

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