200 Posts

Screenshot (Aug 4, 2017 12-44-19)

WordPress is congratulating me for all of my idle scrawling nonsense. I knew there was a reason I liked it here. Now I’m feeling all tingly inside.

Thank you to those that have stuck around since my first post. Though now that I reread it, I’ve come to realize there’s been a distinct lack  of bunnies and cats. Oh well. Can’t have it all.

I’m glad, at least, that I was able to publish my book and get a ton of content up during the scant few months I’ve had this blog. That’s one goal checked. I suppose my next goal would be my poetry & prose book and the second book in my Heartstone series. Hopefully, I get them nice and pretty by 400. (or 300?)

“First posts are, at once, the hardest and easiest to write.

Mostly because there’s no room for comparison, yet it also sets the standard for what’s to come. I created this blog on one of those pesky 2AM-have-to-do-it-now whims. I’ve been writing for years and now that I’m actually submitting to journals and publishers, I’ve decided that I should really start trying to build a platform—in fact I should have long ago—better late than never, I suppose.

I’m not entirely certain what I want this blog to be. Centered on writing, of course. But all these menus I’ve added have no content, and typing out and prettying my rough drafts seems like such a daunting task.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out on the way.

Bunnies and cats though. I’m certain there will be lots of those.


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