An Open Letter from Author, Nicholas Rinth…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Dear All,

This is my second guest post on the site—or perhaps open letter is more accurate. It’s great to “speak” with you all again. As for those that missed my initial post some months ago around the time of my debut novel’s release, allow me to introduce myself to you. First off, please don’t be wary. I like to think I’m a decent person. And though I’m sure you’ve been told more than a few times to never talk to strangers, this is the internet. Where comments from the unfamiliar are routine and pseudonyms are no more worth noting than an errant twist of string on the carpet.

Without further ado, I go by the name, Nicholas Rinth, though I do love monikers and have plenty of them. Ranging all the way from Mallow to Blob and even obscure things like Nyang, so if you’d like to give me…

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