Book Signing

Well, I’m being offered some book signing slots by a few local bookstores in downtown Savannah for the next… four days? I have to check the schedule. I do, however, know that it begins tomorrow. I think my cheeks are going to crack from all the smiling I’m going to have to do. Well, it’s good publicity if nothing else. I’m going to promote my Instagram like a religious doctrine because reaching that 10k follower mark is taking fifty thousand years.

Anyway, if any of you guys live nearby, I’ll be around.

I’ll be heading up to New York to meet up (and crash with) an old friend right after though. He’s a sassy concept artist that leans towards all things strange, disturbing, and creepy… and I’m going to convince him to draw a pigeon doing the cha-cha.

Because of this very urgent business, posts on IG will dwindle for a bit. I’ve got scheduled posts for wordpress, so all should be good on this front. I’ll be keeping up with comments, and I’ll more than likely be active on FB. Maybe Twitter. (But I don’t really like it there. That blue bird is evil, I tell you.)


16 thoughts on “Book Signing

        1. Money is a thing of fiction for me 😂 But im so jelly! I’ll definitely run off to live there in a few years, too. I’d love to open my own small bookstore there.


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