Life Update

Fall semester officially starts tomorrow.

I’m beginning Nursing school and that’ll be eating up a lot of my time. It’ll be harder for me to actively keep up with those I follow here as well as on my other social media accounts, so expect quite a bit of ghosting from me. I apologize in advance. But if you ever want to get in touch, I do promise to keep up with comments on my sites, emails via the contact page, and messages on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t even try Twitter, Tumblr, or Goodreads. My inboxes there are a mess.

I have scheduled posts set up until early September, so expect posts to only begin dwindling after that time and until mid-December when the semester ends and I’m offered a blessed break for two weeks, before coming back early, EARLY Spring. My life will be hectic for the next two years while I’m in the program and doing clinicals, but these breaks will allow me to focus again on blog writing, however, brief.

I don’t stop writing completely, mind you. I do work on my Heartstone series all throughout the year when the mood strikes. I also type scrawls and poems on my phone when they come to mind. Though getting them to wordpress and my other accounts is another thing entirely… but they will get there. Sooner or later.

I wish you all well, and I hope your Autumn is much, much more enjoyable than mine. (With far less studying.)


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