NicRinth Welcome!

First, that’s my picture in the header up there, so you can have a little peek at my handwriting and work station. It’s not big, but its comfortable and, more importantly, it’s mine.

Now, where to begin?

I’m the author of an epic fantasy series called, Heartstone, which you can find more information on in my BOOKS tab above. And if it wasn’t obvious by my picture to the left, then Nicholas Rinth is a pseudonym—defeats the purpose when I show you my face, huh?—but this is more for my sake since I’m not a fan of constant reiteration. I prefer writing under a nom de plume. There is comfort in anonymity, however little that may be with the internet nowadays.


I’m a huge fan of everything and anything Noel Gallagher. His tunes are the sound of my soul, and I doubt that will ever change. I like other singers as well, but not nearly as much. And though I try my best to keep my loving praise contained to my other social media accounts, it does tend to leak here every now and again. So, if you stick around long enough, you’ll certainly find the occasional, overexcited rant. I’ve also got a thing for Dragon Age, the manga: Berserk, traditional Japanese tattoos, and old, Victorian style things!

I run on a perfectly, unhealthy mix of sweets, coffee, and black tea—or what has come to be known in my house as the “speed-run diet.” (The dark, geek humor runs in the family.)

Wont to trance, the only thing that’s truly held my attention throughout the years is writing. I tend to binge write when the mood strikes and procrastinate when it doesn’t. I read books when I can, and I like to think I’ve read a lot, but life gets in the way most days, so my backlog has been steadily growing larger and taller and more menacing as of late. Looking at it terrifies me. I do, however, tend to make time for authors that I love—even if it is just to reread their books. (David Gaider, JRR Tolkien, Erin Morgenstern, Leo Tolstoy, Emil Cioran, Rainer Maria Rilke, Ian McEwan, half a dozen others.)

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to. I read all of your open letters, though I’m sorry to say that I can’t always guarantee a timely response. All questions and concerns can be directed to my email via the contact page above or to one of my social media accounts down below.

Hope to hear from you, yeah?