Book Art

This is a place for fan art and commissioned works. If you’re interested in getting in touch with the cover artist and illustrator for my Heartstone series, then please visit his website: Fabian Rensch.

All artwork can be directed to my Facebook page, my Instagram, or my email: nicholasrinth(at)gmail(dot)com—you know what to do with those parentheses. I prefer the first two modes. Private messages (FB) and tagging or DM (IG) work best. Do not contact me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Goodreads. I don’t actively check my inboxes there. Please also provide a URL to your website or one of your social media accounts for linking purposes.

Thank you!

Jacques Dace by Loran De Sore
Jacques Dace by Vaigh
JacquesDace&SylvieSirx_Heartstone:The Drowned Tower
Jacques Dace and Sylvie Sirx by Katie Jin
Jacques Dace and Sylvie Sirx by uureic
Jacques 01
Jacques Dace by Alex Zappa
Jacques X Sylvie 2
Jacques Dace and Sylvie Sirx by Alex Zappa
Jacques x Sylvie 1
Jacques Dace and Sylvie Sirx by Alex Zappa
Jacques Dace and Sylvie Sirx by Vlada Monakhova
Jacques Dace by Bel Windmills
Sylvie Sirx by Katria
Jacques Dace by bloodmagic
Sylvie Sirx by bloodmagic
Jacques Dace by null