Prompt – Unchanged

Three words spoken, before I fold her into my arms, and still, the rain continues to fall; the light from the candles continue to flicker, spilling over wooden floorboards and old, familiar walls that remain unchanged, as if they haven’t just witnessed how the last few seconds have shifted my entire life into another course.


Word Prompt: Toxic

It’s harder than he expects — cutting out the tender, rotting pieces of him where he once allowed her to make a home. Strange that it should hurt, since she’s already migrated to another. Stranger, still, that he should falter over a relationship she threw away so easily. But there’s something profoundly sad about hollowness, and something frighteningly toxic about being the only one left behind.

Word Prompt: Anger

When her face clouds over and his voice gets trapped somewhere between the tightness of his throat and a swollen emotion he cannot name, all he can think about are words — and how utterly useless they are in the face of his own sudden, irrational desire to immolate this entire world to the ground… because how dare they make her look like this? What right do they have to make her mouth tilt into a pained grimace? Stocking stones on her back like she isn’t already staggering under the weight of what she carries.

Word Prompt: Love

He doesn’t think it possible for his entire world to break and remake itself within the span of an hour, but after a few heated confessions, here he stands — not new, but feeling very much like it.

Love is a peculiar thing.

He can hardly handle the enormity packed into the word. It’s overwhelming, like a flood of sunshine after a long night; yet it’s small as well, like the stars have all been packed into one person to shower them in brilliance.

“Caught Cheating” Prompt

To see you angry hurts. But to see you tongue-tied, fumbling for an explanation you don’t know how to give is decidedly worse.

Wtf is up with this prompt though. Holy hell. AND it’s Monday. Like the damn day couldn’t get any worse. I don’t know what you’re feeling right now, but I’m sorry you had to go through it. This is the best I could come up with based on my own experiences. I’m always here to listen to rants if you need me.

“Relief” Prompt

Words spill from him in a torrent of whatever languages he knows. Curses and half-whispers she can hardly make out, but she knows what he means to say. It’s in the way his fingers comb through her hair, desperation in every stroke. In the way his entire body seems to shudder in her presence; the way his breaths escape in a trembling sigh–

Relief has no voice.

“Excess” Prompt

His chest heaves from how swiftly his breaths leave him. His eyes clench shut, his jaw trembles from sheer emotion, and then, without warning, he is on his knees. His grip along the bedpost long gone.

He cannot command his body.

Anymore, and he’ll tear apart.