Lulu’s Dessert Mania!

Tunes for the road: Magic Pie and The Ultracheese

Located on a bustling street corner between a pub and a Mediterranean restaurant, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is a cozy dessert shop that specializes in homemade sweets and fruity cocktails. Like most buildings in downtown Savannah, this one is snuggled against the one beside it. It’s a modest place with typical architecture for the time—prominent red bricks and green window panes along the upper floors. The latter serves as a reminder that these buildings were once inner city apartment complexes.

(Click photos for a bigger view. Credit for faded green sign photo.)

The first floor, where Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is located, was a general wholesale store once upon a time. If you come early enough (or if you have better eyesight than me), you can still see its faded green sign right above the shop. It was renovated years ago to fit the bar’s image.

Before you even step through the door, you can already tell what Lulu’s is about.

Lulu's Sign

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Neighborhood Lake

Tunes for the road: Dead in the Water and The Rockaways

Nature is striking.

Some people forget that when they get lost inside of their concrete-protected worlds, distracted by the flashing lights on their screens. But they remember fairly quickly, too, because whenever I bring someone to Sweetwater (this time it was my friend, Evan) they always have the exact same reaction. Short, threaded breaths, followed by a deeper inhale, and then—


Over the years, I’ve learned that people fall silent when they stand before a beautiful body of water… and the lake here is beautiful by anyone’s standards. The waters aren’t calm, as most lakes are depicted. The wind constantly disturbs it. Today, it’s made weightless sprays fly over the lipless edges to douse the grass. I think that Savannah breezes are more overpowering than most. There isn’t salt on every twist like in port cities, but there’s a heaviness to it that makes it feel thick enough to cup in your hands. Continue reading “Neighborhood Lake”