Notice Board

Come in.

Allow me to offer you a brief introduction to this place you happened upon today. Don’t worry, there’s no such thing as tickets or entrance fees here. Only virtual connections and freedom of speech. Now, if you aren’t already seated, then I advise you to pull up a chair for you might find yourself lingering for longer than you expect.

First, I should mention that this blog isn’t run by me. I’m merely the gate man. Keeper of the notice board, if you will. I tend to the dirty spots and the nearby grass. I also give it paint jobs every now and again. All important tasks to be sure, but most important of all, is my duty of introducing you to your true host and word-weaver for the duration of your stay, Nicholas Rinth.

He welcomes everyone, but do tread lightly for posts here are often dreary in nature. Though it’s not always bad. You’ll certainly find the occasional uplifting goodie should you decide to linger. If you’re lucky, perhaps a thought bunny will grace you with its presence. We’ve plenty of those running amok. Nic encourages you to feed them—take them home if you must. He dislikes infestations.

Thank you, in advance, for tidying up.