Quote of the Day

The Song of the Lark
by: Will Cather

What was any art but an effort to make a sheath, a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining, elusive element which is life itself — life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose?”


Sky (Scribble)

I regret my weakness. The young, hesitant desire that unleashes the coward in my bones. But not you. Never you. How could I ever regret the one shaft of light that shines upon this harsh world, reminding me that somewhere beyond—there is a sky. And it’s bright enough to illuminate every shadow in my way.

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The Drowned Tower is Available for Purchase Here:


“If the future was bared before you, would it still be yours?
If the past could chase you, would you run from it?
If the world crumbled tonight, would you carve your own?”

Freedom is out of the question for practitioners of the Institute, and any supporters otherwise are dealt with violently. A system Sylvie Sirx neither refutes, nor endorses—born from an enviable family, talented in her skills, and entirely too content with her position, her path has always been a straight one… until now.

Her qualifications backfire when an elder from the north descends upon her home for a Choosing. He calls upon the Drowned Tower’s most sought after practitioners for a simple job that ends in blood, and then Sylvie’s blissful world erupts. She finds herself in the company of the Elementalist, Jacques Dace, an insufferable but deadly enthusiast of personal reform. Together, they’re swept into a spiral of powerful magic and ancient grudges. Where truth bends, stones whisper secrets of the past, and their home lies at the heart of what could very well be Ferus Terria’s next recorded war.

And for once, she is forced to choose a side, learning for herself what it means to master fate.

The Red Veld is Available for Purchase Here:


“How far would you go to learn the truth?
If it isn’t what you expected, would you accept it?
If the world rejected it, would you stand by it?”

With the Drowned Tower in shambles and its practitioners left to wander the foreign lands of Ferus Terria, Sylvie and Jack set out to learn more about the stone’s history. Their first stop: the Red Veld. But finding answers isn’t as easy as simply inquiring.

They quickly find themselves stepping into an entire Institute of uncooperative practitioners, banding with an eccentric auctioneer, and standing against a horde of hired Nebbin. Where they must carve a path for themselves or risk losing what little they have left—it isn’t much of a choice. The pair barrel blindly through the dark. While unknown to them, the Zenith Council stirs with revolts surging in the west and Jack’s closest friend is captured by slavers interested in learning the secret to magic. The world continues to spin. But together, they realize the mystery behind the rise of the First Zenith and uncover truths that could rock the very foundation of the Institute that governs them.

Some secrets, however, should never be brought to light. And there are those that would kill to keep it that way.

Sitting in Silence is Available for Purchase Here:


Sitting in Silence is a collection of poetry and prose birthed during the idle instances of life that allow for noiseless introspection. It’s about the struggles of love, of loss, and of the unsuspecting experiences in between that make life worth living—and worth scorning.

From a beginning filled with bitter ruminations, to an ending that embraces reality and its sufferings, Sitting in Silence is a reminder to accept what the world hurls in your path, and to let those hardships shape you into something better.

Lulu’s Dessert Mania!

Tunes for the road: Magic Pie and The Ultracheese

Located on a bustling street corner between a pub and a Mediterranean restaurant, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is a cozy dessert shop that specializes in homemade sweets and fruity cocktails. Like most buildings in downtown Savannah, this one is snuggled against the one beside it. It’s a modest place with typical architecture for the time—prominent red bricks and green window panes along the upper floors. The latter serves as a reminder that these buildings were once inner city apartment complexes.

(Click photos for a bigger view. Credit for faded green sign photo.)

The first floor, where Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is located, was a general wholesale store once upon a time. If you come early enough (or if you have better eyesight than me), you can still see its faded green sign right above the shop. It was renovated years ago to fit the bar’s image.

Before you even step through the door, you can already tell what Lulu’s is about.

Lulu's Sign

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A Happy Place (that isn’t my room)

Tunes for the road: Half the World Away and This Must be the Place

Do you have that one place that you’re genuinely happy to visit because you know you’re free to gush about anything and everything you love?

I do.

(Because if I didn’t, then that question would be insanely misleading.) Continue reading “A Happy Place (that isn’t my room)”